Poster Printing Requests

The Student Government Association has the ability to print large posters for student projects and assignments upon request. Posters can be printed in a variety of sizes, and prices are determined by size.

  • 20” x 30” $6 per poster
  • 24” x 32” $6 per poster
  • 36” x 48” $12 per poster
  • Smaller/larger sizes may be available; price will be determined prior to printing.

All poster requests must be submitted a minimum of 1 week in advance. Late requests will not be guaranteed. High-resolution files (300 ppi) must be submitted in JPG format. SGA is not responsible for the quality of low-resolution files. 

For file preparation guidelines, see the Undergraduate Exhibition poster information page.

Multiple copies of the same poster may be ordered with this form. Please submit a separate form for each file you need printed.

NOTE: If you need to make corrections to your poster once it is printed, you will be charged for all additional copies.

Posters that need to be reprinted because of mistakes or resolution problems will be charged at the rates above. Posters will not be reprinted for free.

Posters can be picked up in Jill Bender’s office (SUB 113I). An email will be sent to you when your poster is ready for pick up. All posters must be paid for at the time of pick up with cash or check only.

Faculty and staff may also request posters to be printed for Penn State University business only. Please follow the directions above for submission. Faculty and staff printing will be charged directly to your University budget, which must be provided at the time of your request.

For questions, please contact Jill Bender or 724-773-3951.

Undergraduate Exhibition

Students who need posters printed for the Undergraduate Exhibition must submit their posters one week in advance of the exhibition or the posters will not be printed. See the Undergraduate Exhibition poster information page for details.

Printing form

Only .jpg files of less than 6 MB will be accepted. Make sure your file has been created at the correct dimensions with a resolution of at least 300 ppi. SGA will not be held responsible for the quality of your file. IMPORTANT: If you receive a message upon submitting this form that you must include a file, check the size of your file to make sure it isn't greater than 6 MB.
Files must be less than 6 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg.
Specify the size you need. The price will be calculated before the poster is printed.
Specify how many copies of the poster you need.
Specify preferred date. Please allow a week for processing.
For faculty and staff only. Leave blank if you are paying with cash or check.