Student Fee Funds

Student Fee Funds

Student groups, faculty and staff can request funding for programs from the Student Activity Fee committee. Requests for proposals are currently not being accepted.  The proposal form will reopen Fall 2018 to fund requests for Spring 2019. 

To apply for Student Activity Fee funds, fill out the application.

Frequently asked questions

Can I request Student Fee funds?

Yes, if your program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students and/or the individual/group submitting the proposal must describe how the campus and students will benefit by the funding of the proposal. Proposals should address how the program will enhance the out-of-class experience for all students who participate and how the program will be marketed. The Allocation Committee reviews all proposals and decides which programs will be funded in full or in part according to University guidelines.

Funds cannot be used to replace funds already designated for the program.

What kind of programs, equipment, resources, etc., can be purchased with Student Fee money?

One-time programs which may or may not happen again in the future; equipment such as furniture and computers; any upgrading to student lounges, fitness rooms, or other facilities used by students including student offices; series-type programs or ongoing programs such as lecture or speaker series; intramural and varsity sport support; diversity programming including women’s groups, LGBTA community, ethnic organizations, special programming for the physically, mentally, or visually challenged, etc.; wages for officials for athletics, etc.

Things to consider before you begin a proposal

  • Publicity cost
  • Contract costs: These are speaker/performance costs inclusive of travel (airfare or other transport). Speaker/performance fees must have a written quote provided. For DJ expenses, a written quote from the DJ must be provided. All relevant contracts must be conducted through the Office of Student Affairs.
    • Lodging: These are lodging accommodations for speakers or performers coming to Beaver.
  • Food costs: All food requests must be accompanied by a written quote from the vendor. If you would use Housing and Food Services for snack-type items, please include and estimate from Housing and Food Services.
    • Estimated food or refreshment costs should be accompanied by an estimate from Housing & Food Services or the outside caterer. Quotes may be obtained via the Housing and Food Services Web site.
    • Only approved outside caterers may be utilized to major catered events on campus. A listing of these catering providers can be found on the University Controller's website.
  • Conferences: Who is going to benefit from this conference? i.e., individual benefit vs. benefit to campus. The question is asked, "How will students and/or the campus as a whole benefit by the funding…" This question must be clearly answered.
    • This request should be accompanied by materials copied off the conference website.
    • Standard funding consideration guidelines:
      • Registration on a per student basis included in the registration fee.
      • Conference materials giving description of conference is now required – off web, brochure, etc.
      • Funding is awarded depending on competitive process.
      • Consideration of lodging expenses. The intent is one room for females and one for males who are attending.

Funds cannot be used for activities/programs that are for academic credit and/or are considered an essential component of a class (not attending or participating could have a negative effect on a student’s grade in a course).

The Student Fee Allocation Committee reserves the right to review each proposal individually.

Your Student Fee is always at work for you!

To learn more about the Student Fee and how it benefits you, please contact Amy Gartley, interim director of Student Affairs, 724-773-3956, or Jill Bender, administrative assistant, Office of Student Affairs, 724-773-3951.