Continuing Education

Continuing education offers training for nontraditional students, including professional development for workforce professionals, customizable corporate training for companies, continuing education credits, and summer academic, STE(A)M and fitness camps.

An adult student in class

We offer the highest-quality customized corporate training programs, developed and facilitated by subject-matter experts who are highly credentialed in their respective fields.  These programs can be delivered conveniently at your location or on our campus.

A girl dressed as Princess Leia battles with a lightsaber at a youth camp.

Continuing Education serves hundreds of youth each year, ages seven to 18, with academic and other youth programs.  These programs include summer camps with activities that embrace STE(A)M, SAT prep, and CLEP testing.  We also offer fitness/sports camps and other customizable kids’ activities.

A professor discusses project management techniques

Here you will find a variety of continuing education opportunities for workforce professionals to assist them in maintaining credentials, upskilling to leadership roles, advancing their current skills or making them more marketable in a changing economy.  We also offer programs to re-skill dislocated workers or those looking to change careers.