Student Activities

Student Activities

Involvement in activities and organizations can be an important step in enhancing and reaching your educational goals. We want to help you foster and develop interpersonal and leadership skills for your success on campus as well as later in your career.

The Office of Student Activities works with students, faculty, and staff to support social, cultural, leadership, and recreational programs and events.

While you're having fun and meeting new friends, your involvement in student groups and activities will be an important addition to your resume. In addition, students who become involved in extracurricular activities often enjoy an enhanced academic success as well.

No matter what your area of interest, you can always find something at Penn State Beaver that will add to your educational and learning experiences in and out of the classroom.

What We Do

  • Provide general administrative services to all clubs and student organizations
  • Coordinate campus cultural programs and diversity events throughout the academic year
  • Direct and plan New Student Orientation
  • Advise the Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Create community service opportunities
  • Plan and implement student leadership development programs; facilitate student programming, including performing artists and bands; and facilitate regional activities, speakers, and major campus events, such as Welcome Week, Penn State Spirit Week, and Beaverfest.