Beaver Valley Launchbox

Beaver Valley Launchbox

The Beaver Valley Launchbox is a signature program of Invent Penn State, a commonwealth-wide initiative that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in the region and helps to spur economic development, job creation, and campus-community collaboration.

The Launchbox is powered by community business leaders, professors and ambitious students who provide subject matter expertise and training to local entrepreneurs and innovators, helping build and grow their businesses and convert their ideas into reality.

Some of the assistance programs offered by the Launchbox include:

  • Networking events to share knowledge and skills among communities and campuses and to promote new ventures.
  • Business Acceleration and advisory services to help local entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profit organizations in the areas of digital applications, social media marketing, supply chain optimization and strategic initiatives.
  • Business and academic expertise to help individuals in transforming their business ideas and innovations into commercial ventures.
  • Connection with Penn State resources to provide legal, technical and marketing support.

To get the resources and support you need to create the create the business you’ve always dreamed of or grow the business you already have, contact Beaver Valley Launchbox Director Ashu Kumar at