Beaver campus hires new biology faculty member

MONACA, Pa. — Sarah Nilson, a botanist who received her doctorate from Penn State, will join the Penn State Beaver faculty as an assistant professor of biology in the fall.

Nilson has been teaching at the University of Pittsburgh, where she led freshman laboratory classes and an upper-level, writing-intensive course focusing on genome modification techniques.

“I’m looking forward to the botany research Sarah will be doing on campus and the partnerships she will make with regional land preserves, including Raccoon Creek State Park,” said Director of Academic Affairs Carey McDougall.

Nilson has two undergraduate degrees — in biology and anthropology — from Pitt. She earned her doctorate in plant biology from Penn State in 2009. While in the program, Nilson served as a teaching assistant and a research mentor and earned the biology department’s Excellence in Teaching Award.

She is the author of numerous publications on plant biology and the recipient of several fellowships, including a NASA Space Grant Fellowship and The Huck Institute for the Life Sciences Graduate Fellowship.

Nilson will join the Beaver faculty just as the campus launches its four-year degree in biology.


April Johnston

Public Relations Director, Penn State Beaver

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