Utility Failure

Utility Failure

In the event of a major utility failure during regular working hours, Monday through Friday, immediately notify Physical Plant Services at ext 3782 from a campus phone or 724-773-3782 from a non-campus phone.

If building occupants face potential danger from fire or explosion, or if the utility failure occurs after regular working hours, weekends, or holidays, notify University Police immediately.

Always activate the building’s fire alarms if any potential dangers exist, and follow procedures outlined in the building evacuation procedures.

Additional Information

Always observe the information given above when the following utility emergency arises:

  • Electrical/light failure
  • Elevator Failure: If you become trapped in the elevator, push the emergency alarm located on the front panel. This signal will help.
  • Plumbing Failure/Flooding: Attempt, if possible, to shut off all electrical equipment.
  • Gas Leak: Do not use electrical equipment or switches!
  • Ventilation Problems: If smoke or other vapors are coming from the ventilation system, cease all operations immediately and vacate the area. If necessary, activate the fire alarm system and call 911.