Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat

Report any bomb threat immediately to University Police or call 911

The majority of bomb threats are received by telephone. This places great importance on the first and possibly the only contact that will be had with the person calling in the threat. It is imperative that the person receiving the call obtain as much information as possible.

If you receive a bomb threat by telephone:

  • Immediately record the time of call.
  • Obtain as much information as possible from the caller, and utilize the issued bomb threat telephone card.
  • Notify University Police.
  • University Police will notify the chancellor.
  • The chancellor or a designee will decide whether to evacuate the building(s).

In the event the building(s) is/are evacuated, follow the standard evacuation procedure:

  • Assemble in the Student Union Building (SUB) Lodge.
  • If the SUB Lodge is inaccessible, report to the gymnasium.
  • Should both places be inaccessible, proceed to parking Lot C, the lower area at the north end.

If the building(s) is/are not to be evacuated, University Police will:

  • Notify all building occupants of the threat and tell them they are free to leave the building, if they wish.
  • Post bomb threat warning signs on all doors to the building(s).
  • Follow the bomb threat procedure in accordance with University Policy Manual SY-18 and University Police Policy and Procedure Manual No. 149.