Alumni Groups

Alumni Groups

We’re glad that you are here and want to remain part of the Penn State Beaver Family. Please consider joining one of our two alumni organizations.

The Penn State Beaver Alumni Society is comprised primarily of Beaver campus alumni. The society is an integral part of the development unit of the campus and sponsors the annual fall Alumni Society Golf Outing. Proceeds from the golf outing benefit the Penn State Beaver Alumni Society Endowed Scholarship for campus students.

Membership in the Beaver Valley Area Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association is open to the public as well as Penn State alumni. You don't need to be a Penn State alum to join the chapter. The chapter is engaged in many activities throughout the year, including a spring Wine Tasting, projects with Habitat for Humanity and campus students, tailgates, ice cream and concessions sales at the Brodhead Cultural Center, and more. Proceeds from ice cream and concession sales benefit the alumni chapter's scholarships for Beaver campus students.

For more information and details about alumni activity and/or to provide us with your email address, please contact public relations office at or call 724-773-3815.

We hope to hear from you!