Top 5 Reasons to Live in Harmony Hall

Top 5 Reasons to Live in Harmony Hall

Our residence hall is a great place to live. Here's why you should get in on the fun.

1. Convenient Location

Harmony Hall is located just steps from the Brodhead Bistro, the award winning food court that has convenient operating hours seven day a week. A free parking lot for students is also located nearby. Plus, it’s easy to make it to class on time, with everything on campus being just a short walk away.

2. Comfortable Residence Hall

Harmony Hall accommodates 212 resident students and is staffed by professional live-in coordinators and trained student resident assistants (RAs). There is basic television cable, high-speed Internet connections and Wi-Fi, as well as carpeting and a microwave-fridge in every room. Other amenities of the halls include a recently renovated lobby with large TVs for watching movies or playing video games and a recreation room that features a pool table, air hockey and more. There are also laundry facilities and a quiet study space.

3. You could work on campus

Many locations across campus hire work study students. Jobs include working in the Brodhead Bistro, the library, gym, computer labs, the Center for Academic Achievement and in offices around campus.

4. Safety

Students enter the residence halls by using their student IDs with a swipe card system, and only resident students have access. Room access is controlled by both the ID card swipe and a PIN number. Residence Life coordinators, RAs, and Penn State Police are available 24/7.

5. New Friends

Living in Harmony Hall allows you to meet a variety of students from different backgrounds and helps you form close friendships. Domestic students who live on campus come from 20 different U.S. states and international students are from four countries. Many of our alumni say they have remained friends with their roommates and other Harmony Hall residents long after they graduated.