Reporting a Sexual Assault Incident

Reporting a Sexual Assault Incident

Police and Legal Information

Penn State Beaver University Police 
Calling from on campus phone: Dial ext. 3888. 
Calling from off-campus phone:  724-773-3888

Remember, you can always dial 911 in any emergency.

Assault is a crime. It is important to report a crime. However, reporting a crime is not the same as prosecution of a crime. The decision to prosecute in cases of sexual assault is decided at a later time and not when the incident has recently occurred. It is still very important that the crime is reported so that the proper investigation can take place and the prosecution can go forth.

Campus Police

University Police officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to aid victims of sexual assault. The police can ensure your safety at the scene and accompany you to the hospital.  The police can assist relative to safety and/or be consulted regarding reporting and/or receiving information about charges.  If there is interest in the legal system, the Penn State Police can provide information and support whether the respondent is a student or not.  The emergency telephone number is ext. 3888 if calling from on campus and 724-773-3888 if calling from off campus.

Ongoing Police and Legal Services

Police departments in the jurisdiction where the assault occurs are in charge of the investigation into the incident. The results of the exam and evidence collected may be helpful in their investigation to identify the assailant when the assailant's identity is unknown.

Penn State University Police offers a Victim Resource Officer to any student, employee or visitor that has been a victim or witness to a crime.  The Victim Resource Officer is available to offer support, information, referrals for medical, emotional, and legal services. The advocate can help victims gain access to University resources as well as them with understanding legal and court procedures and accompany the victim to all proceedings. The Beaver Campus Victim Resource Officer, Officer Bryan Cattivera, can be contacted by email at or by phone through the Penn State Beaver University Police at 727-773-3888.

Off Campus

The District Attorney’s Office presents the state’s case against the accused offender.  She/he will evaluate the evidence and decide on the possibility of successful prosecution.  The DA will act to ensure that the victim’s rights to information and restitution are met. 

Campus Police and local law enforcement can arrange meetings with the District Attorney’s Office.

On Campus Responses

Office of Student Conduct

Amy Gartley, Associate Director of Student Affairs/Student Conduct Designee

Suite 101, Student Union Building 
Monaca, PA 15061 
M-F 8:00am-5:00pm 

Relationship violence, sexual assault and stalking are prohibited by Penn State's Code of Conduct. Student perpetrators of these specific behaviors, as well as others which fall into categories of sexual misconduct, harassment or abuse, will be held accountable by staff and/or designees of the Office of Student Conduct. The possible sanctions for these categories of behaviors ranges from disciplinary probation through expulsion. If you are a victim of these actions and the perpetrator is a Penn State student, seek assistance from this university resource.

The Office of Student Conduct assists in setting standards for student behavior that help maintain a safe university environment. If the suspect is a student, a victim can file a complaint against the alleged rapist through Student Conduct. Disciplinary action is taken with due process and can include separation of the assailant from the University and removal from University property. Penn State's Victim Resource Officer can accompany the victim to University disciplinary hearings in Student Conduct. The Beaver Campus Victim Resource Officer, Officer Bryan Cattivera, can be contacted by email at or by phone through the Penn State Beaver University Police at 727-773-3888.

Administrative Directives for No Contact

The Office of Student Conduct also has the ability to issue an "Administrative Directive for No Contact." This university action prohibits a Penn State student from having contact with the person who requests the directive. It will also restrict the recipient from contacting a victim through a third party. At times a victim may feel that the most important thing is that a perpetrator not be allowed any communication with them and an administrative directive may be very effective in restricting contact.

Filing a Report On-Line Through Penn State University

Sexual Harassment and Assault Reporting and Education (SHARE)

Student and Victim Rights