The award winner and the chancellor stand with the award plaque.

Annual awards ceremony recognizes students, faculty and staff

More than 40 students, faculty and staff were recognized Friday at the 51st annual Penn State Beaver Awards Ceremony.
By: Kristen Doerschner

Marissa Bufalini was presented with the 2019 Eric A. and Josephine S. Walker Award Friday night at the 51st annual Penn State Beaver Awards Ceremony. The award recognizes Penn State students whose outstanding qualities of character, scholarship, leadership and citizenship contribute to the prestige and well-being of their campus.

Bufalini was given the award for her involvement in campus clubs and activities, including her instrumental role in revitalizing the campus THON team this year.

Here is a complete list of the 2019 award winners:

President’s Freshman Award

Micah Anderson

Carol Dundes

Daniel Falk

Kelsey Kozora

Xueyang Li

Raymond Luffy

Haley Velemirovich

President Spark Award

Patrick Byers

Kelan Fogarty

Evan Pugh Scholar Award

Jonah Sally

Administration of Justice Baccalaureate Award

Casey Barber

Business Baccalaureate Award

Nicholas Pelino

Communications Baccalaureate Award

Alexey Stern

Project and Supply Chain Management Baccalaureate Award

Dominic Masciantonio

Psychology Baccalaureate Award

Amelia Engen

College of Education, Elementary and Early Childhood Department Award

Giana Rangel

Eberly College of Science, Chemistry Department Award

Kelan Fogarty

University College, Administration of Justice Department Award

Kira Herrington

University College, Biology Department Award

Jonah Sally

University College, Business Department Award

Sam Sharpless

University College, Communications Department Award

Matylda Zamudio

University College, Information Sciences and Technology Department Award

Jacob Rickabaugh

University College, Project and Supply Chain Management Department Award

Shubham Kokkula

University College, Psychology Department Award

Destiny Cunic

Campus Honors Program

Nicholas Barth

Elizabeth Begley

Tony Chen

Michelle Cisco

Amelia Engen

Kasey Fagan

Kelly Gottschalk

Joshua Hetzer

Gareth Hughes

Alec Keriotis

Siu-Len Navarro

Emily Orlowski

Jonah Sally

Alexey Stern

Katy Walcott

College Honors Program

Paige Williams

Student Life Leadership

Marissa Bufalini

Matthew Palahunik

Nicholas Pelino

Sara Ruiz

Nathan Sharif

Kaitlyn Work

Community Service


Outstanding Club Advisor

Debra Seidenstricker

Academic Advisor

Karen Barr

Adult Achievement

Amelia Engen

Outstanding Student

Brenna Cepull

Advisory Board Award, Faculty Excellence in Teaching

Claudia Tanaskovic

Jodi Gill

Advisory Board Award, Faculty Excellence in Research

Dr. Andrea Patrucco


Advisory Board Award, Faculty Excellence in Service

Dr. Mari Pierce


Advisory Board Award, Staff Excellence

Justin Vorbach

Advisory Board Award, Staff Service

Debra Lathom