Leadership Development (Customized Corporate Training)

Leadership Development (Customized Corporate Training)

Strengthen Your Leadership Team

The Leadership Development Series provides training for every level of your leadership team. Each program hits core competencies for success, and we can customize the programs to suit your specific needs. 

Advanced Senior Leader

The Advanced Senior Leader program offers an excellent opportunity to develop the higher-level skills required for senior leaders to work cross-functionally in the business world. The program focuses on organizational best practices and criteria for performance excellence. Higher-level leaders have an opportunity to build their leadership awareness and skills and examine the alignment of those skills with organizational realities. It also includes project work where the participants apply their learning by developing personal action plans related to their own organizations.

Functional Leader

Effective leadership is more than just knowing fundamental concepts. It’s about successfully applying concepts in the workplace. The Functional Leader program, through a series of experiential workshop sessions, allows participants to explore and practice the key areas of management. These areas build on an educational experience designed to develop competencies beyond the typical supervisory skill set. After completing the program, the participants should be able to apply new knowledge to current industry challenges—in addition to issues such as “doing more with less” and “sharing of best practices.”

Leadership Essentials

The Leadership Essentials Series is geared to new and upcoming frontline supervisors who want to keep their knowledge and skills consistent with—or a step ahead of—the demands of the workplace. The program focuses on developing practical skills in key areas related to successfully supervising and leading today’s employees. It provides an excellent opportunity for newer supervisors—and those looking to move into supervisory positions—to move beyond the “basics,” to a more advanced understanding of supervisory skills and competencies. The flexibility of the program allows you to customize your program.