Campus Directory | Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Haifa Abulaiha [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Engineering
Michael Baker Building, Room 12 724-773-3860
Fahmida Amin [email protected]
Instructor, Geography
Karen Barr [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor, Business
Associate Teaching Professor, Accounting
Ross Administration Building, Room 206 724-773-3869
Melissa Bender [email protected]
Instructor, Kinesiology
Gymnasium, 107 724-773-3878
Kevin Bennett [email protected]
Full Teaching Professor, Psychology
Ross Administration Building, Room 3F 724-773-3904
Lisa Bertin [email protected]
Senior Instructor, Business
Penn State Shenango, Sharon Hall 724-983-2814
Robin Bower [email protected]
Associate Professor, Spanish
Michael Baker Building, Room 118 724-773-3886
Yi-An Burleson [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Psychology
Ross Administration Building, 3G 724-773-3571
Stephanie Cabarcas-Petroski [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor, Biology
General Classroom Building, Room 111 724-773-3562
Elena Camerin-Young [email protected]
Instructor, Music
Amy Camodeca [email protected]
Associate Professor, Psychology
Ross Administration Building, Room 3D 724-773-3861
John Chapin [email protected]
Professor, Communications
Michael Baker Building, Room 117 724-773-3877
Zhongyuan Che [email protected]
Professor, Mathematics
Laboratory Classroom Building, Room 117 724-773-3884
Jung-Pin Chen [email protected]
Instructor, Mathematics
Taylor Cole [email protected]
Staff Assistant, Nursing
Penn State Shenango, 201 Sharon Hall 724-983-2860
Kristen Doerschner [email protected]
Director of Campus Relations, Public Relations
Instructor, Communications
Student Union Building, 107 724-773-3816
Maureen Dunn [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Nursing
Penn State Shenango, 316 Sharon Hall 724-983-2873
Catherine Eck [email protected]
Lecturer, Accounting
Ross Administration Building
Walt Elder [email protected].edu
Instructor, Mathematics
Ross Administration Building, 3K
Osama Elsarrar [email protected]
Instructor, Mathematics