How to File a Faculty Senate Petition

How to File a Faculty Senate Petition

A student may petition the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education for the following:

  • Retroactive Withdrawal
  • Retroactive Course Drop or Course Add
  • Retroactive Change of Grade
  • Extension of Late Drop Credits
  • Waiver of Other Senate Policies

All petitions are processed through the campus registrar and should be brought to 102 Ross Administration Building, where they will be reviewed and submitted. Petitions will be reviewed by the senate committee on a frequent but unpublished schedule.

A Petition consists of:

  1. A dated and signed letter detailing of the desired action addressed to:
    Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education
    University Faculty Senate Office

    101 Kern Building
    Penn State University
    University Park, PA 16802
  2. A current transcript (to be obtained by the Registrar’s Office)
  3. Documentation to support the petition. If the petition involves illness or medical conditions, the student must provide medical documentation. When the need to petition results from a death in the family, documentation (usually a copy of the obituary) should be provided.
  4. Appropriate form(s) [add/drop, withdrawal, etc.]

Student letters of Petitions should contain:

  1. Name
  2. Student number
  3. Current address and phone number
  4. Current status (i.e. degree, provisional, non-degree, etc.)
  5. Clear statement of the action(s) being requested
  6. Clear explanation of the situation
  7. Clear statement of the reason(s) for the request
  8. Correct spelling and grammar
  9. Brief and clear explanations of why procedures contained in the University Faculty Senate Policies for Students were not or could not be followed are appreciated by the Review Committee. If another party is named as being responsible for the situation, please provide a statement from that party which clearly supports your claim.