Honors Program Mini-Grant Proposal

The Honors Committee will make available limited funds in support of projects deemed beneficial to the students participating in the Beaver Campus Honors Program.


Funds in direct support of academic endeavors of honors students receive primary consideration, particularly when the student is earning honors credit for the project. Additional consideration will be given to extracurricular academic projects and cultural enrichment experiences. Activities that enhance the on-campus learning environment will also be given consideration in the event that direct benefit to honors students can be demonstrated.

Please note: Funds may be used to defray costs such as equipment and travel expenses associated with educational experiences. They may not, however, be used for compensation or wages earned for research assistance or in any other capacity.


The typical amount of a mini-grant is $400. However, larger awards may be considered if compelling circumstances can be demonstrated. Smaller awards will also be considered.


Please be aware that proposals are considered on a rolling basis and that Honors funds are limited. Accordingly, requests should be submitted as early as possible in the academic year, though proposals will be considered at any time throughout the semester.

Thank you for your willingness to contribute your time and energy on behalf of honors students.

Describe the relevant details of the project, including the anticipated participants and the timetable for the project’s implementation. Please take care to explain how this project is appropriate to the awarding of honors funds (i.e. its direct relation to the intellectual development of honors students).
If relevant, please describe other funding granted and/or sought, or why additional sources of funding would not be available for this project.