Courses for personal care home training begin in January

In January, the Penn State Beaver Office of Continuing Education will begin another series of educational programs for health care professionals who are preparing to become personal care home administrators and/or administrators and direct-care staff who must meet continuing education requirements. Individuals providing elder care for family members are also welcome to register.

These programs address issues surrounding personal care homes as well as the responsibility to provide safe, humane, comfortable and supportive residential settings for adults who don't require the services in or of a licensed long-term care facility but do require assistance or supervision with daily living activities and other physical and mental life skills.

Penn State is an approved provider through the Department of Public Welfare under the Personal Care Homes Licensing Regulations as of April 23, 2005, published in 55 Pa. Code Chapter 2600 (35 Pa.B.2499).

Individuals may take the entire series of courses or select courses as needed.

For more information, contact the Office of Continuing Education at [email protected] or 724-773-3700.