A view of the campus that includes the Lion Shrine, trees and tents set up in the background

Lion's Den winners selected

The winners of the fifth annual competition have been announced. This year 94 students submitted 68 ideas, 48 for campus improvements and 20 for a new business.

MONACA — Penn State Beaver students had robust competition with one another in the 2020 Lion's Den competition.

The winners of the fifth annual competition have been announced. Students were invited to submit ideas for either a campus improvement or a small business idea. Students could enter individually or in teams of two.

This year’s competition, held virtually, had 94 students who submitted 68 ideas, 48 for campus improvements and 20 for a new business.

A panel of judges chose 10 campus improvement ideas and 10 new business ideas as winners. Campus leadership and the Beaver Valley LaunchBox will work with these students to further develop their concepts.

“It was exhilarating to see so many great ideas submitted by the students this year. The success of the Lion’s Den 2020 reflects the creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities of students,” Ashu Kumar, Information Sciences and Technology lecturer, said. “We have full support of the campus leadership to help the winning students in implementing the top 10 campus ideas based on the feasibility and availability of funds.” 

Kumar, who is also the director of the Beaver Valley LaunchBox, said the business idea winners will have the support of the LaunchBox available to take their ideas to the next level.

The winning ideas for campus improvement are:

  • Life Skills Student Workshops: Jeff Zubroski and Tristan Price
  • Zen Room: Emma Householder
  • Craft Room: Alex Dorsch and Emily Adkins
  • Outdoor Study and Relaxation Areas: Heaven Bowman
  • Mental Health Wellness Center: Kristy Haislup
  • Amphitheater Renovation (Student Participation): Gabriella Rangel
  • More Trails on Campus Green Areas: James Wilson and Jordan Sparbanie
  • Fire Pit Improvement Behind Harmony Hall: Zelma Daye and Janie Smith
  • Freshman Buddy System: Paige Brady and Jacob Beck
  • Adoptable Animal Coffee Hour: Kayla Dulick

The winning ideas for a new business are:

  • Networking App for Musicians: Sam Slavinsky
  • Medical Emergency Alert System: Maxwell Hilton
  • New Brighton Safe Space: Maisha Baton-Stawson
  • Disinfectant Bags: Baohan Yan and Jesse Wyrostek
  • Spill-proof Water Bowl for Pets: Brianna Sanford
  • Alzheimer's Prevention App: Alexander Pretka
  • Non-traditional Veterinarian Finder: Robin Smith
  • Medicine App: Meetkumar Patel
  • Sickness Awareness App: Deontae Golden and Maria Slater
  • Book Club App: Kaylee Gallagher