Coronavirus Information

Updated guidelines

Oct. 27, 2023 — Those who test positive should stay home and away from others for a minimum of five days and may leave isolation on day six if they have been asymptomatic or if their symptoms have improved and they don't have a fever for at least 24 hours. They should continue to wear a high-quality mask when indoors around others through day 10.   
Student information 

Students who test positive should report their results to [email protected]. Contact Tracing will provide isolation dates via email.   
Students living off-campus should isolate at home and wear a well-fitted mask around others.  
Students living on-campus will be encouraged to isolate at home, if possible, as dedicated COVID-19 isolation space is no longer available. The university will work with students who are unable to return home to isolate as safely as possible. Students should wear a well-fitted mask around others.
Faculty and staff information
Faculty and staff who test positive should stay home and inform their supervisor as they would any other illness.  Individuals whose symptoms and job responsibilities allow may continue to work remotely or they can use sick time.    
Individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 should follow CDC guidance for masking, testing and isolation, as needed.  
The university is no longer communicating student isolation status to instructors.   
Students are expected to communicate directly with their instructors if they must miss classand/or lab activities. They are strongly encouraged to share their isolation dates provided by Contact Tracing with their instructors.    
Additional information
Masks and tests for students are available in the Health Center, 104 Ross Administration Building. Students should consult with campus nurse Jess Judy ([email protected] / 724.773.3955) if they have questions. General questions can also be directed to Dr. Chris Rizzo, Director of Student Affairs ([email protected] / 724.773.3957) or residence life staff members.    
The university encourages anyone who wishes to wear a mask on campus to feel free to do so and to stay up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations. Find providers at
Further University information about COVID-19 is available here and here.

Covid testing

As of March 2022 the University ended its Covid testing program for students, faculty and staff. Free tests may be ordered through the federal government at Employees may no longer order Covid tests through Vault.

Please note: Penn State does not provide COVID-19 testing to the general public.


Masking is no longer required in most spaces on campus in accordance with CDC guidelines unless someone has had a direct COVID-19 exposure, however, the university encourages anyone who wishes to wear a mask to feel free to do so.

Resources Penn State’s main website with links to the latest news and answers to frequently asked questions about the University’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The site’s resources page also contains links to dedicated resources for students and employees;  information on testing, contact tracing and monitoring for the campus community; classroom and office guidance; and policies on masking and social distancing Course instructors visiting the site will find information on effective teaching, technology training, webinars and support. 

Additional questions

Whether on campus or working from home, our staff is available to serve students by email and phone. Please see the campus directory for contact information.

If you are a student with health-related questions, please contact the campus nurse at 724-773-3955.