Business: Management and Marketing Option

Business: Management and Marketing Option

Penn State Beaver’s Bachelor of Science in Business degree is designed for students seeking a broad-based education to prepare them for the business world. The program combines core business fundamentals with applied study and internships in a practical setting. 

Management and Marketing Option

Through the choice of an 18-credit option, students can develop a concentration in management and marketing.

A successful business in the 21st century relies heavily on several primary operations that allow the business to grow and flourish. Two of the most crucial pieces to this puzzle are management and marketing.

In an environment that is constantly changing, one thing that remains the same is the need for creative and efficient management. Our business program will prepare you to handle the critical day-to-day challenges of business and teach you how to develop new approaches to the design of organizations and the tools needed to manage them.

Marketing is a broad field with a primary purpose of generating demand for an enterprise’s products or services. The marketing aspect of our business program will teach you how to determine consumer preferences and how to respond to these preferences. You will learn how to design and create new products, develop pricing structures, and advertise effectively.

Having a strong understanding of general business practices and a concentration in management and marketing will make you a valuable asset to any organization. The Business Management and Marketing Option ensures that you’ll develop the skills to meet the demands of the business community.

What can I do with the Business Management and Marketing Option?

The Business Management and Marketing option will prepare you for a career in business in numerous areas. A variety of jobs can be found in many disciplines, including:

  • Consulting firms
  • Government agencies
  • Business start-ups
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Marketing management
  • Brand management
  • Advertising
  • Retail
  • Consumer affairs