Business: Accounting Option

Business: Accounting Option

Penn State Beaver’s Bachelor of Science in Business degree is designed for students seeking a broad-based education to prepare them for the business world. The program combines core business fundamentals with applied study and internships in a practical setting.

Accounting Option

The accounting option is the perfect choice for students who aspire to work in business services, especially the financial sector. The curriculum is designed to allow students to master not only their chosen focus of accounting, but also core business concepts like management and marketing. The scope of the major ensures that graduates are marketable and well-rounded.

This four-year, professionally oriented program prepares students for a fast-paced and ever-changing workplace. Students aren’t reviewing outdated case studies; they’re developing solutions to real-world problems. They learn to collect and analyze financial data, think critically, and communicate effectively.

Because accountants are essential to an organization’s financial health, they continue to be in demand. The hiring outlook is positive in the Pittsburgh region and beyond, with employment in accounting and auditing expected to grow faster than average over the next several years.

Who should choose the accounting option?

The accounting option is open to high school graduates, adult learners, and transfer students from other colleges and universities. Students in the program will build on foundational courses like mathematics and economics before delving into upper-division courses such as Business Logistics Management, Accounting Information Systems, and Principles of Taxation. The accounting option is also designed to maximize real-world experience through internships and work with local corporations, small business and nonprofit organizations.

What can I do with the accounting option?

Graduates of the Accounting option will be prepared for careers as accountants, underwriters, business analysts, and auditors, among other professions. Through coursework, internship, and research experience, students will be ready for the demands of employment in areas as diverse as banking, government, nonprofit, retail, and financial services.