Psychology Minor

Psychology Minor

The Psychology Minor is designed to provide undergraduate students with a broad overview of topics and domains within psychology, knowledge and skills related to research methods in psychology, and deeper knowledge of research, theory, and application in one or two specific content domains.

Students who complete this minor will find a flexible selection of coursework in psychology. The content domains from which students may select courses include biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, industrial-organizational, and social psychology. Students may choose courses that emphasize theory or application of psychological principles. A number of these courses examine the application of psychological research to societal issues.

The required research methods course, PSY 201W, carries a statistics prerequisite that can be met by either PSY 015 or STAT 200. STAT 200 does not count toward the minimum 18 credits required for the minor.

Students minoring in psychology at Penn State University Park are encouraged to consult the Psychology Advising Center early in the process of planning their minor.

The psychology minor may be appropriate for students pursuing graduate training or professional careers in fields such as health, business, education, human services, and psychology.