Experiential Digital Global Engagement

Experiential Digital Global Engagement

Experiential Digital Global Engagement, or EDGE, connects Penn State Beaver classes with classes around the world through the use of technology.

Known as “virtual international exchange” and modeled on the State University of New York’s renowned Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) program, EDGE affords its participants the opportunity for global thinking and collaboration, particularly among place-bound and less-resourced students.

The international collaboration kicked off in June 2017 with a global learning workshop and continues in spring 2018 when Beaver’s Chemistry 213 students collaborate with students at the University of Split in Croatia on an industry project. Participants will also have the opportunity to travel to Croatia over spring break. The Split collaboration was made possible by the Penn State Global Programs Collaboration Development Fund.

In the future, the campus expects to expand the EDGE program to encompass its Information Sciences and Technology program and to collaborate with universities in France, the Middle East and around the world. Already, relationships with The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS), The Netherlands, and the Catholic University of Lille, France are emerging;  faculty members across the Penn State campuses in the Pittsburgh region will travel the next three summers to THUAS and Lille with the support of a Penn State Transformative Travel Grant.

EDGE is a product of the campus’ strategic visioning process, which found transformative academic experiences and high-impact practices as imperative to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment and preparing students for the twenty-first century work force.