Undergraduate Exhibition

Undergraduate Exhibition

Undergraduate Research, Engaged Scholarship, and Creative Activity Exhibition

The Undergraduate Research, Engaged Scholarship, and Creative Activity Exhibition is designed to highlight student scholarship and research conducted on campus. It showcases student presentations of in-depth, original, and scholarly work and research. Projects from all academic disciplines are welcome, including business, humanities, liberal arts, social sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and computer science.

The participant's abstract/registration form must be approved and submitted by the research adviser. 

General guidelines for all projects:

Each student must choose from one of three categories:

  • Research
  • Public Scholarship
  • Creative Activity

Complete the abstract/registration form that applies to your category.

Have your faculty mentor complete the Faculty Sponsor Form.

For information about the Undergraduate Research, Engaged Scholarship, and Creative Activity Exhibition, please contact Dr. Irene Wolf, committee chair and senior instructor in philosophy, 724-773-3843.


Committee Members

Dr. Zhongyuan Che 
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Amy Camodeca 
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Amy Deuink 
Head Librarian

Linda Garlitz 
Staff Assistant for Faculty

Professor Carey McDougall 
Director of Academic Affairs

Dr. John Chapin 
Professor of Communications

Dr. Joann Chirico 
Senior Instructor in Sociology

Dr. Talha Harcar 
Professor of Marketing

Dr. Michael Hay 
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Irene Wolf 
Senior Instructor in Philosophy