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ShopBot Buddy

Beaver engineering students have a new 'Buddy'

Two sophomore engineering students will be responsible for running Penn State Beaver's ShopBot Buddy, a $12,000 piece of equipment capable of taking the flat drawings and computer-aided models students create in their freshman engineering classes and actually producing them, and then exactly reproducing them.
Penn State Beaver Assistant Professor of IST Richard Lomotey gives a lecture.

Penn State Beaver professor joins international team building hemophilia app

Penn State Beaver Assistant Professor Richard Lomotey and three of his IST students joined an international team to develop an app that helps young men with mild hemophilia track their symptoms after injury.
Studying molecular structures of conducting polymers

Engineers receive $1.2M to examine conjugated polymers for flexible electronics

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $1.2M in funding to three Penn State chemical engineering researchers for a proposal which aims to identify the key polymeric properties of conjugated polymers used to develop flexible electronics.

Commonwealth Campuses offered development opportunities via Adobe Connect

New professional development opportunities for Penn State faculty and staff at Commonwealth Campuses are available through Adobe Connect.

Penn State Beaver to hold flu vaccine clinic

Penn State Beaver will conduct a faculty and staff flu vaccine clinic from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 5 in 15 Student Union Building. Register now!
Jessica Findling and a friend pose in their caps and gowns in front of the Lion Shrine.

Psychology alumna found her way — and her confidence — at Penn State Beaver

Over her four years at Penn State Beaver, Jessica Findling served as a resident assistant, worked at the Center for Academic Achievement, and headed the Psychology Club. And, maybe most significantly, created a school family away from her biological family that helped to build her confidence and prepared her for graduate school.
Matt Morgan speaks with a community member after his speech.

'Building Hope' with a vision and a grant

Beaver administration of justice instructor LaVarr McBride received a Schreyer grant, which he hopes will be "an opportunity to involve our students in hands-on criminal justice" and help crime victims and offenders connect and heal.
Chart outlines number of printed copies per semester in past four years.

Think before you ink

Beginning this fall, in a sustainability effort, Penn State Beaver will allot students 175 printed pages per semester. At other campuses where this policy has been implemented, only 10 percent of students have exceeded the limit.
Beaver IST c3 solution

Local company calls on IST students for help

The vice president of information technology at electrical component company c3controls asked Beaver IST students to build a new online purchasing system for customers.
Penn State Beaver students take a break from volunteering to pose with the Franklin Center's Valerie McElvy.

Paint the town

As part of New Student Orientation, Penn State Beaver’s Class of 2020 will join community members and artists in Aliquippa to paint wooden pallets, which will then be affixed to broken windows and doors, turning a few blighted city blocks along Franklin Avenue into a sea of form and color.