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Penn State Beaver Assistant Professor of IST Richard Lomotey gives a lecture.

Dr. Richard Lomotey: His research is good for your health

Lomotey applies mobile solutions to real-world problems like health care.
Matt Morgan speaks with a community member after his speech.

"Building Hope" with a vision and a grant

Penn State Beaver AOJ Instructor LaVarr McBride received a Schreyer Institute grant, and he's hoping the resulting program will help crime victims and offenders connect and heal.
Gretchen Samchuck works with a student

Gretchen Samchuck: Academic adviser

Helping students settle on a course for their life and their college career is what drives Gretchen Samchuck.
Keith Willson with two students

Dr. Keith Willson: From industry to the classroom

Physics instructor takes his real-world experience into the classroom to challenge students to ask questions.
Leo Takahashi works with three students

Leo Takahashi: It's all physics

After nearly 50 years of teaching physics to Penn State Beaver students, Leo Takahashi is still challenging students to succeed in his classes.
Mari Pierce teaching class

Dr. Mari Pierce: Opinions matter

Administration of Justice professor loves being at a small campus and working with students who aren't afraid to voice their opinions.
Tiffany MacQuerrie teaches an English class

Tiffany MacQuarrie: Making English fun

English instructor challenges her students to wrap their minds around the text "almost as if it were a hug"
Michelle Kurtyka holds a ball in a classroom in the gymnasium

Michelle Kurtyka: On the Ball

Michelle Kurtyka enjoys teaching fitness and a healthy lifestyle
A high school student conducts a lab experiment as part of the Beaver Science Challenge.

The times they are a-changin'

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, women hold a disproportionately smaller share of of STEM undergraduate degrees. The female STEM professors at Penn State Beaver are helping to change that.
Dr. Cassandra Miller-Butterworth teaches a biology class.

Make way for women in STEM

Half of the STEM faculty members at Penn State Beaver are women, and they're pushing hard to help the next generation of female scientists, programmers, engineers and mathematicians succeed.