Robotics and Advanced Robotics

Robotics and Advanced Robotics

Robotics (ages 7 to 10)

Build and program a robot!Campers will use the Lego Mindstorm Invention Kit to design and build a robot that will use RCX programming code to make it operate according to his/her design. The programming language used by Lego was developed with the MIT Media Lab. Will your robot navigate the maze without stumbling?

On the last day of camp, teams and robots will compete in an amusing obstacle course. 

Advanced Robotics (ages 11 to 15)

Adding to the activities in the Robotics camp, this advanced robotics camp uses C Code to program robots to perform specific sequences and operations. We will also explore the VEX Robotics Design System.

See photos of 2017 Robotics and Advanced Robotics camps here.

See you in Summer 2018!