ShaleTEC Education and Training

ShaleTEC Education and Training

This program is designed to provide a foundation that can shorten employees' entry time frame into the shale industry by identifying key terminology and opportunities for integration across operations. It will also provide a broad understanding of current practices in shale development.

Employees with experience will increase their knowledge by viewing development across multiple operators and identifying answers to key shale development questions posed by a concerned public. Service and support companies will learn about potential opportunities to integrate their business strengths into the oil and gas supply chain. 

The course includes information about shale economics, geology, leasing, drilling practices, well construction, reservoir stimulation, well completion, production, and workforce, all of which is presented via real world experience. 

WEDnetPA grant funds may be eligible for safety training cost reimbursement for eligible participants. Please contact ShaleTEC for more information.

This class may help to fulfill requirements for Act 25 (PDH). 

To register, click on the link above or call 570-327-4775. A complete course listing is available online.

Penn State Beaver is a ShaleTEC Affiliate.

The above represents a listing of scheduled classes. Customized training may be scheduled at a time and place most convenient to you for your critical training needs. Day, evening, and weekend classes may be scheduled at Beaver campus or on your facility, depending on the lead time provided.