Transferring Courses from Other Institutions

Transferring Courses from Other Institutions

If you’re thinking about taking a course at another institution, you need to make sure that it will transfer to Penn State.

First, check to see if the course been evaluated by Penn State.

If the course has already been evaluated and is equivalent to the course you need, you can go ahead and take the course.

If you do not see a course you want to take on the transfer evaluation guide, you will need to  fill out the Transfer Course Pre-Approval Form, which is available in the Admissions Office, 113 Student Union Building. You will also need to obtain a syllabus for the course you are planning to take.

Fill out the form and give it and the syllabus to faculty in the relevant Penn State academic department.

The faculty will then review the syllabus, fill out Step 2 of the form, and send it to Debra Seidenstricker,, in the admissions office.