Penn State Beaver Lingo

Penn State Beaver Lingo

BCC: Brodhead Cultural Center - This is the amphitheater located next to the pond at the main campus entrance.

Bistro: Brodhead Bistro - This is the campus food court located next to the Housing and Food Services Office.

CAA: Center for Academic Achievement - Students are welcome to visit the CAA in room 105 on the main floor of the Ross Administration Building.

Common Hour: Common Hour is held from 12:15 pm to 1:15 p.m., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during each semester. This time is set aside specifically for club meetings and special events, so no classes are scheduled during this hour.

Dorm or The Hall: Harmony Hall residence hall

DUS: Division of Undergraduate Studies - This office is located on the first floor of the Ross Administration Building.

GCB: General Classroom Building

LCB: Laboratory Classroom Building

LIB: Library

Link: This is the hallway/ramp that connects the Bistro and the Student Union Building.

Lodge, SUB Lodge: This is the large banquet and event room located on the upper floor of the SUB.

MBB: Michael Baker Building (currently closed for renovation; scheduled to reopen in 2016)

RA: Resident assistant in Harmony Hall

RAB or Ross: Ross Administration Building

SAS: Student Activities Suite - This suite is located on the upper floor of the Student Union Building.

SER or Special Events Room: Small meeting and private dining room located near the Bistro

Stro: Nickname for the Brodhead Bistro

SUB: Student Union Building

UP: University Park or Penn State University Park