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Brooke Doerfler undergraduate exhibition

Check the map

Beaver psychology professor Kevin Bennett used existing data and research to create a map of our country’s psychology.
Amy Green poses in front of the Grand Canyon

Beaver alumna's career is a 'grand' adventure

Beaver grad Amy Green just landed a dream job with Xanterra Travel Collection. Her office is just a two-minute walk from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Chancellor Ralph Ford and HERO BX founder Pat Black stand in a new research lab at Penn State Behrend

Ralph Ford and Pat Black in HERO BX research lab

Penn State Behrend Chancellor Ralph Ford, left, joins HERO BX Founder and CEO Samuel P. "Pat" Black III in the HERO BX research lab at Penn State Behrend's Knowledge Park. The facility opened May 2.

I-Corps logo

Penn State’s NSF I-Corps program seeks applications by Sept. 15 and Oct. 15

The National Science Foundation has joined in supporting Penn State’s goal of taking more of its discoveries to market by awarding Penn State a five-year, $500,000 Innovation Corps (I-Corps) grant to establish the Invent Penn State I-Corps Site in collaboration with Ben Franklin Technology Partner’s TechCelerator, Happy Valley LaunchBox, and Invent Penn State’s Innovation Hubs.
Associate Professor Mari Pierce lectures to a class.

Re-examining the death penalty

Penn State Beaver Associate Professor Mari Pierce is studying the transcripts of every death-eligible case in the state of Oregon from 2000 to 2010 to see if and how juries are influenced. Her findings could change the way capital cases are tried.
Matt Morgan speaks with a community member after his speech.

'Building Hope' with a vision and a grant

Beaver administration of justice instructor LaVarr McBride received a Schreyer grant, which he hopes will be "an opportunity to involve our students in hands-on criminal justice" and help crime victims and offenders connect and heal.
Matt Morgan speaks with a community member after his speech.

Matt Morgan Building Hope Today

Matt Morgan, founder of Building Hope Today, is hoping to create an organization that advocates for victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Beaver student wins Erickson Discovery Grant

Beaver IST student Joseph Pry was awarded an Erickson Discovery Grant to work on a framework for transporting encrypted medical records via mobile device.
Bats Penn State Beaver

'I love bats'

Penn State Beaver biology professor Cassandra Miller-Butterworth has long been concerned with the plight of the little brown bat. Now, through her work with fellow professors and students, she's bringing the fight to the community.
bat houses in Cranberry Park

bat houses in park

Penn State Beaver engineering students work on one of the modern bat house designs that will be hung in Cranberry Park. The designs incorporated the biological needs of the bats.