Weather-Related Information for Faculty and Staff

Weather-Related Information for Faculty and Staff

Staff information

Employees are entitled to free time off only if the campus is closed. If employees are unable to report to work due to weather-related concerns under any other circumstances, that time off must be charged to the employee's accumulated vacation or personal holiday time.

The employee also has the option of time off with no pay. If a supervisor grants permission for an employee(s) to leave work early or arrive late, the work time missed is accounted for as vacation, personal holiday, or no pay. The policies can be found in University Policy HRG10 and are available for your review at the University's GURU website

Faculty information

Faculty members should not cancel individual classes due to weather. Only the Chancellor has the authority to delay the class schedule or close the campus. Faculty are expected to make every reasonable attempt to meet with their class(es). If you are unable to come to campus, please contact Nicole Foust, administrative assistant, Office of Academic Affairs, at 724-773-3571 as soon as possible. Cancelling a class despite the fact that students have driven through inclement weather does not reflect well on our campus. It is also problematic to hold some classes while others have been cancelled.

Please be assured that the campus always strives to make informed decisions that balance student, faculty, and staff safety with the class time for which our students pay.