Enroll in Dual Enrollment

Enroll in Dual Enrollment

The first step that interested students should take is to contact their guidance counselors to discuss dual enrollment at Penn State Beaver. Students can also contact the Penn State Beaver Admissions Office at br-admissions@psu.edu, (724) 773-3800 or toll-free at (877) JOIN-PSU.

Students must complete a Dual Enrollment Registration Form. This form includes consent signatures from the student and a parent. The student and parent should complete this form and submit it to the high school guidance office. The guidance office typically faxes this form, along with a copy of the student's high school transcript, to Penn State Beaver Admissions at (724) 773-3658.

Depending on the class requested, students might be required to take a placement test in the areas of English, math, or chemistry.

Students can enroll in any class Penn State Beaver offers, as long as the student has met all required prerequisite courses and has successfully completed any required placement tests. Please review our current course offerings.

Because of the time necessary for the campus to evaluate the application, arrange for academic advising, and coordinate any necessary placement tests, it is recommended that students submit their Dual Enrollment Registration Form and high school transcript at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester.