Criminal Justice Minor

Criminal Justice Minor

The Criminal Justice minor provides an overview of the criminal justice system and a thorough grounding in criminological theory. Students receive an in-depth look at the three main system components – policing, courts, and corrections – as well as the opportunity to delve into two or more specialized topics relating to criminal justice. The minor is designed not only for students who have a professional interest in criminal justice, but also for those who want to be informed members of the voting citizenry. A functional understanding of crime and the criminal justice system is useful in many careers, including: law, social work, education, journalism, information sciences and technology, communication, politics, and psychology.

The minor's requirements include completing 18 credits, as indicated below. 

Prescribed Courses (12 credits):

  • CRIMJ 100:  Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
  • CRIMJ 210:  Policing in America (3)
  • CRIMJ 220:  Courts and the Prosecution Process (3)
  • CRIMJ 230:  Corrections in America (3) 

In addition, 6 credits in a supporting course or related area is required:

  • 400-level CRIMJ courses (excluding CRIMJ 495)

For more information about this program, please contact Mari Pierce, 724-773-3549.