Past Honors Courses

Past Honors Courses

Honors students have been able to choose from a wide variety of courses to satisfy their honors requirements. Here are a few that have been taught over the past several years.

Introduction to Media Effects: Conspiracy Theory

According to the conspiracy culture, the government, big business, the church, and aliens are concealing some of the biggest secrets in American and world history. This course explores conspiracy theories and conspiracy theory films.

The Science of Physics  

This discussion-based seminar examines the historical development and significance of physical science, with emphasis on the nature of physics and its role in modern life,  for students in non-technical majors.


More than 400 years after his plays first appeared on stage, Shakespeare retains incomparable popularity. His plays are still performed across the world, from high-tech theaters to one-room pubs, prisons, and parks. What is the source of this staying power? Why does Shakespeare still speak so clearly to us?

World Literature

This course presents masterpieces of world literature from the ancient past to the present, and will help you understand and appreciate a work of literature from any time or place more fully.

Film History and Theory

Everybody likes movies. Everybody has an opinion. In this class you will learn a lot about film technique, how it has changed over time, and how it is used to elicit a response from the audience. 

The Hero in World Literature 

This course explores the way the figure of the hero/heroine functions as a vehicle for expressing social and cultural values in world literature. Course materials include literary texts from ancient to contemporary times, as well as films, graphic novels, and diverse cultural products. 

Modern Science, Technology, and Human Values   

This course explores how science and technology have affected the way humans think about themselves, their society, and their place in the universe. We will start with an intense effort to understand exactly what science is and we will explore the effects that science has on us.