Internal Event Guidelines

Internal Event Guidelines

Step 1

Stop by the Business and Finance Office for the latest Internal Event Notification (IEN) at 101 Ross Administration Building. 

Step 2

Before submitting an Internal Event Notification form (IEN), you must check the availability of the space you wish to reserve on the Campus Events Calendar. If you are still not sure if your room is available, contact Lori Huchko (724-773-3502) or Jennie Ward (724-773-3789).

Classroom Reservation

To reserve a classroom, you must contact Jennie Ward (724-773-3789) or Gloria Deschler (724-773-3786) before submitting an IEN.

  • Classrooms are defined as rooms in GCB, LCB, MBB, 106 RAB and 001 LIB.
  • Classroom reservations for future semesters will be processed after the “Schedule of Courses” is published for that particular semester. (i.e., fall room requests will be processed after mid-March and spring room requests after mid-October.)

Non-Classrooms/Conference Rooms

Non-classrooms/conference rooms are defined as all campus conference rooms and SUB (14, 15, 16, Lodge, & Auditorium). If you are a faculty or staff member and wish to reserve a conference room, you must contact Lori Huchko (724-773-3502) to check availability before submitting the IEN.

Gymnasium Reservation

To reserve gymnasium facilities, you must contact Andy Kirschner (724-773-3826) before submitting an IEN.

Special Events Room Reservation

If you wish to reserve the Special Events Room, you must contact Jeremy Lindner (724-773-3777/) before submitting an IEN.

Artwork/Displays in Student Union Building (SUB) and Bistro Hallway

To reserve Art/Display space on the walls, indicate “EVENT” as an art exhibit or display for SUB 16 and/or Bistro Hallway. Also, include all other information needed per the IEN form. Please note that these requests are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. 


If you are a student, you must contact Jill Bender (724-773-3951) or Staff Assistant, Student Affairs/Residence Life (724-773-3959) to set up meeting with Amy Gartley or Jennifer Toof in Student Activities. They review events and assist with planning and then submit the IEN on behalf of the student.


If you are a faculty member, see Dee Mooney (724-773-3571) and the IEN will be submitted by the Academic Affairs Office on your behalf. If you are acting in the capacity of a student organization adviser for the event, refer to “Students” information for planning/support.

External Groups

If an external group not related to the campus wishes to reserve space, it must be coordinated through the public relations office. External groups can contact Renata Shaw (724-773-3553) or April Johnston (724-773-3816) to obtain the necessary forms to request use of campus space.


If you are a staff member and wish to reserve a space other than the classroom, gymnasium, or special events room, you must work with your department’s support staff to properly submit the IEN.

Step 3

Once you've determined the space is available, fill out the IEN, submit it to the director of the sponsoring division for approval. It is then submitted to Lori Huchko (724-773-3502) in the Business Services Office for processing. This process normally takes 2 to 3 days if there are no complications. Your room will not be considered reserved for your use until you receive a copy of your IEN with approval confirmation from the Business Services Office.

Important: All event cancellations must be reported immediately to Lori Huchko through email or a phone call (724-773-3502) if the date of event is near. This will ensure that support services are cancelled and that the space is free for others on campus to use. Please do not wait to cancel until the day of the event.