Information Technology FAQ

Information Technology FAQ

What is my Penn State User ID? 

You must obtain an ACCESS ACCOUNT User ID and Password (often referred to as your email name and password) before using any Penn State computing resources.

Please take a moment to review the following important information:

  • Your User ID is unique and is used to give you access to many Penn State services, including email.
  • Your User ID is assigned to you when you register as a student and is usually a string of characters containing your initials and three or four numbers, i.e. abc123. Your User ID does not include
  • Your email address is a combination of your User ID and
  • Your password will not change unless you want or need to change it. If so, you must do this immediately. The University has numerous policies regarding use of our User ID and password, and it's important to know them.
  • NEVER share your password with anyone.

Is wireless Internet access available at Penn State Beaver? 

Yes, wireless connectivity is available on campus by visiting Penn State Beaver wireless.

I'm a new to PSU.  How do I activate my PSU Access Account?

In order to start receiving email, using Canvas, logging into lab computers, etc..., you must first activate your account.  You should only have to do this once, when you first join PSU:

Where can I go for help with computer-related problems? 

If you live in Harmony Hall, please contact Jordan Seacord, the resident student technicians. If you're a commuter, please contact the Penn State Beaver Help Desk (located in 101 LCB), 724-773-3566.

Can I purchase technology products, i.e. computers, software, PDAs, etc. through Penn State? 

A list of available software can be found at  Computer hardware and peripherals are not offered.

Can I connect to the Internet from my room in Harmony Hall? 

Yes, you can apply for a connection at

Where do I go to manage my lab printing on campus?

A comprehensive guide and links to print management can be found at

More help

For additional computer-related assistance, please contact the Penn State Beaver Help Desk (located in 101 LCB), or call 724-773-3566