Summer classes

Summer classes

Penn State Beaver offers dozens of summer classes during sessions that last two, three, five, six, eight, or twelve weeks. For details on the classes listed below and to register, go to LionPATH.

Penn State students can register for a summer course at any campus by using LionPATH.

If you currently attend another college or university or are just looking to take a class or two, you will enroll as a non-degree student by completing the Undergraduate Non-Degree Enrollment form. You can print a copy of the form to mail, fax, or email to Jennie Ward, 102 Ross Administration Building, Monaca, PA  15061.

Summer 2017

2-week session: May 13 and May 20
Course Number Course Name
BA 420 Prep Career Mgmt
3-week session: May 8 to May 26
Course Number Course Name
ACCTG 211 Fin Mgl Acc Dec Mk
ECON 102 Microec Anly
ENGL 15 Rhetoric and Comp
ENGL 202C Technical Writing
ENGL 202D Business Writing
INART 100 Arts Seminar
MATH 220 Matrices
SPAN 3 Intermediate Spanish
4-week session: May 8 and June 2
Course Number Course Name
PHIL 103 Introduction to Ethics
5-week session: May 8 to June 9
Course Number Course Name
BA 321 Ctmp Skls Bus Prof
BA 422 Strat Bus Planning
CHEM 110 Chem Princ I
CHEM 111 Exper Chem I
CHEM 112 Chem Princ II
CHEM 113 Exper Chem II
CHEM 202 Fnds Orgnic Chem I
CRIMJ 220 Crts Pros Proc
IB 303 Intnatl Bus Oper
MATH 110 Tech Calculus 1
MATH 140 Calc Anly Geom I
MATH 141 Calc Anly Geom II
MKTG 445 Global Marketing
6-week session: June 26 to August 4
Course Number Course Name
ANTH 1 Intro Anthropology
ART 20 Drawing
CAS 100A Effective Speech
ENGL 15 Rhetoric and Comp
MATH 34 Math of Money
RLST 1 World Religions
8-week session: June 5 to July 28
Course Number Course Name
CAS 100A Effective Speech
FIN 301 Corporation Fin
PSYCH 100 Intro Psychology
PSYCH 221 Intro Soc Psych
SCM 200 Intro Stat Bus Dec
STAT 200 Elem Statistics
STAT 250 Biostatistics
10-week session: May 30 to August 3
Course Number Course Name
PHYS 211 Mechanics
PHYS 212 Elect and Magnetism
12-week session: May 8 to August 4
Course Number Course Name
BA 495A Business Internship
CRIMJ 495 Crimj Internship
IST 495 Internship
PSYCH 495 Internship