Neuropsychology Lab

Neuropsychology Lab

Penn State Beaver's neuropsychology lab has an extensive database of the latest psychological tests, including achievement, executive functioning, intelligence, language, memory, motor skill, and visual perceptual tests. Amy Camodeca, Ph.D., and her students are conducting several research projects in the lab.

Animal emotions, personality, and fine motor skills

The animal emotion study incorporates fine motor skill tasks and eye-tracker data. This study aims to collect eye-tracking data regarding human emotion recognition and determine if the same visual information is used in identifying animal emotions. In addition, the study aims to understand how viewing animal pictures impacts an individual’s fine motor skills.

Stereotypes of mental health professionals

This study aims to develop a better understanding of how students perceive mental health professionals and the ethical standards they are held to. The study incorporates clips from popular television programs in an attempt to understand how exposure to media depicting mental health professionals impacts individual’s ideas.

Problem solving and personality

This research study is being done to investigate how personality characteristics are related to problem-solving skills. Through various questionnaires and tests of planning and visual perception, researchers aim to further information related to personality variables associated with cognitive variables.

Alcohol consumption and memory

This study aims to examine the relationship between alcohol consumption, depression, anxiety symptoms, and various forms of memory within undergraduates. Participants are asked to complete questionnaires as well as various memory tasks.

Explaining social situations

This study measures undergraduate students' responses to various social situations in order to compare across groups and identify biometric markers that may be associated with personality characteristics, for example, how finger length and iris characteristics relate to understanding social situations.