PSCM Additional and Supporting Courses

PSCM Additional and Supporting Courses

Additional courses and supporting courses (Business)

ACCTG 305(4) Financial Statements and Management Decisions
ACCTG 310(3) Federal Taxation I
ACCTG 312(3) Accounting Technology Lab
ACCTG 340(3) Cost Accounting
ACCTG 371(4) Intermediate Accounting I
ACCTG 403(3) Auditing
ACCTG 410(3) Federal Taxation II
ACCTG 411(3) Accounting Practicum: VITA
ACCTG 422(3) Accounting Systems
ACCTG 426(3) Financial Statement Analysis
ACCTG 440(3) Advanced Management Accounting
ACCTG 450(3) Advanced Accounting
ACCTD 471(3) Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACCTG 472(3) Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACCTG 494(1-12) Research Project
ACCTG 495(1-18) Internship
ACCTG 496(1-18) Independent Studies
ACCTG 497(1-9) Special Topics
BA 321 (3) Contemporary Skills for Business Professionals
BA 322 (3) Negotiation Skills for Business Professionals
B LAW 444(3) Advanced UCC and Commercial Transactions

ECON 302 GS(3) Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
ECON 304 GS(3) Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
ECON 342(3) Industrial Organization
ECON 351(3) Money and Banking
ECON 410(3) Economics of Labor Markets
ECON 430(3) Regional Economic Analysis
ECON 442(3) Managerial Economics
ECON 470 IL(3) International Trade and Finance
ECON 473 IL(3) China in the Global Economy: History, Culture, and Society
ECON 481(3) Business Forecasting Techniques
ECON 485(3) Econometric Techniques
ECON 494(1-12) Research Project
ECON 495(1-18) Internship
ECON 496(1-18) Independent Studies
ECON 497(1-9) Special Topics

FIN 330(3) Personal Financial Planning
FIN 340(3) Insurance Planning
FIN 397(1-9) Special Topics
FIN 430(3) Estate Planning
FIN 450(3) Retirement Planning
FIN 451(3) Intermediate Financial Management
FIN 461(3) Portfolio Management and Analysis
FIN 471(3) International Finance
FIN 481(3) Advanced Financial Analysis
FIN 494(1-12) Research Projects
FIN 495(1-18) Internship
FIN 496(1-18) Independent Studies
FIN 497(1-9) Special Topics

MGMT 321(3) Leadership and Motivation
MGMT 331(3) Management and Organization
MGMT 341(3) Human Resource Management
MGMT 409(3) Project Management for Engineers
MGMT 410(3) Project Management
MGMT 415(3) Project Portfolio Management and Organizations
MGMT 418(3) Project Planning and Resource Management
MGMT 420(3) Negotiation and Conflict Management
MGMT 431(3) Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MGMT 432(3) Small Business Field Study
MGMT 440(3) Advanced Human Resource Management
MGMT 445 US(3) Managing a Diverse Workforce
MGMT 461 IL(3) International Management
MGMT 475W(3) Strategic Product Development
MGMT 476(3) Product Realization Capstone
MGMT 494(1-12) Research Project
MGMT 495(1-18) Internship
MGMT 496(1-18) Independent Studies
MGMT 497(1-9) Special Topics
SCM 301(3) Supply Chain Management
SCM 445(3) Operations Planning and Control
SCM 455(3) Logistics Systems Analysis and Design
SCM 460(3) Purchasing and Materials Management
SCM 465(3) Electronic Business Management

MIS 297(1-9) Special Topics
MIS 336(3) Database Management Systems
MIS 387(3) Website Design and Administration
MIS 397(3) Special Topics
MIS 404(3) Introduction to ERP and Business Processes
MIS 405(3) Supply Chain Information Systems with Oracle
MIS 406(3) Customer Information Systems with Oracle
MIS 407(3) Enterprise Integration with Oracle
MIS 430(3) Systems Analysis
MIS 435(3) Systems Design and Implementation|
MIS 445(4) Business Intelligence
MIS 470(4) Advanced Applications Development
MIS 494(1-12) Research Project
MIS 495(1-18) Internship
MIS 496(1-18) Independent Studies
MIS 497(1-9) Special Topics

MKTG 327(3) Retailing
MKTG 330(3) Consumer Behavior
MKTG 342(3) Marketing Research
MKTG 410(3) Personal Selling
MKTG 428(3) Advanced Sales Management
MKTG 440(3) Services Marketing
MKTG 445 IL(3) Global Marketing
MKTG 475(3) Innovation and Product Management
MKTG 485(3) Business-to-Business Marketing
MKTG 494(1-12) Research Project
MKTG 495(1-18) Internship
MKTG 496(1-18) Independent Studies
MKTG 497(1-9) Special Topics

Supporting courses (non-business)

ANTH 001 GS;US;IL(3) Introductory Anthropology
ANTH 009 GS;IL(3) Rise of Civilization in the Old World
ANTH 045 GS;US;IL(3) Cultural Anthropology
CAS 471 US;IL(3) Intercultural Communication Theory and Research
COMM 410 IL(3) International Mass Communications
COMM 419 US;IL(3) World Media Systems
FR 139 GH;IL(3) France and the French-speaking World
GER 200 GH;IL(3) Contemporary German Culture
HIST 001 GH;IL(3) The Western Heritage I
HIST 002 GH;IL(3) The Western Heritage II
HIST 010 GH;IL(3) World History I
HIST 100 GH;IL(3) (CAMS 100) Ancient Greece
HIST 101 GH;IL(3) (CAMS 101) The Roman Republic and Empire
HIST 107 GH;IL(3) (MEDVL107) Medieval Europe
HIST 120 GS;IL(3) Europe Since 1848
HIST 121 GH;IL(3) (J ST 121) History of the Holocaust 1933-1945
HIST 143 GH;IL(3) History of Fascism and Nazism
HIST 165 IL(3) (ARAB 165, RL ST 165) Introduction to Islamic Civilization    
HIST 172 IL(3) Survey of Japanese Civilization
HIST 173 GH;IL(3) Vietnam in War and Peace
HIST 174 GH;IL(3) The History of Traditional East Asia
HIST 175 GH;IL(3) The History of Modern East Asia
HIST 178 GH;IL(3) Latin-American History to 1820      
HIST 179 GH;IL(3) Latin-American History Since 1820
HIST 181 GH;IL(3) Introduction to the Middle East
HIST 191 GH;IL(3) (AAA S 191) Early African History
HIST 192 GH;IL(3) (AAA S 192) Modern African History
HIST 406(3) Research in Medieval Sources
HIST 418W IL(3) The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era
HIST 420W IL(3) Recent European History
HIST 429(3) Europe in the Age of Nationalism, 1789-1914
HIST 481 IL(3) Modern Japan Since 1800
HIST 486 IL(3) China in Revolution
HIST 487(3) American Diplomacy, 1776-1914
HIST 488(3) American Diplomacy Since 1914
INTST 100 GS;IL(3) Introduction to International Studies
INTST 400 IL(3) Seminar in International Studies
PL SC 003 GS;IL(3) Introduction to Comparative Politics
PL SC 014 GS;IL(3) International Relations
PL SC 020 GS;IL(3) Comparative Politics--Western Europe
PL SC 022 GS;IL(3) Politics of the Developing Areas
PL SC 123 GS;US;IL(3) Ethnic and Racial Politics
PL SC 299/PL SC 499 IL(1-12) Foreign Studies/Foreign Study--Government
PL SC 419(3) The Bureaucratic State
PL SC 423(3) Post-Soviet Politics
PL SC 437(3) War in World Politics
PL SC 442(3) American Foreign Policy
PL SC 452(3) Government and Politics of Central Europe
PL SC 454 IL(3) (AFR S 454) Government and Politics of Africa
PL SC 456(3) Politics and Institutions of Latin-American Nations
PL SC 481(3) Global Political Economy
PL SC 484W(3) The Foreign Policy of Soviet Successor States
PL SC 487(3) International Law and Organizations
PL SC 488(3) Comparative Public Policy
PL SC 489(3) Public Administration
RUS 100 GH;IL(3) Russian Culture and Civilization
SPAN 130 GH;IL(3) Iberian Civilization
SPAN 131 GH;IL(3) Ibero-American Civilization

Education abroad

Select one of the university-sponsored education abroad programs.

FR 001(4) Elementary French I
FR 002(4) Elementary French II
FR 003(4) Intermediate French
FR 139 GH;IL(3) France and the French-speaking World

GER 001(4) Elementary German I
GER 002(4) Elementary German II
GER 003(4) Intermediate German
GER 200 GH;IL(3) Contemporary German Culture

SPAN 001(4) Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 002(4) Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 003(4) Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 130 GH;US;IL(3) Iberian Civilization
SPAN 131 GH;IL(3) Ibero-American Civilization

PSYCH 100 GS(3) Introductory Psychology
PSYCH 212 GS(3) Introduction to Developmental Psychology
PSYCH 231 GS (3) Introduction to the Psychology of Gender
PSYCH 232 GS;US;IL(3) Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSYCH 238 GS(3) Introduction to Personality Psychology
PSYCH 243 GS(3) Introduction to Well-being and Positive Psychology
PSYCH 253 GS(3) Introduction to Psychology of Perception
PSYCH 256 GS(3) Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
PSYCH 260 GS(3) Neurological Bases of Human Behavior
PSYCH 281 GS(3) Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology
PSYCH 301W(3) Basic Research Methods in Psychology
PSYCH 404 GS(3) Principles of Measurement
PSYCH 420(3) Advanced Social Psychology
PSYCH 438(3) Personality Theory
PSYCH 444 GS(3) Engineering Psychology
PSYCH 452(3) Learning and Memory
PSYCH 456(3) Advanced Cognitive Psychology
PSYCH 457 GS;US(3) Psychology of Language
PSYCH 461(3) Advanced Conditioning and Learning
PSYCH 471(3) Psychology of Adjustment and Social Relationships
PSYCH 479(3) The Psychology of Gender
PSYCH 482 GS(3) Selection and Assessment in Organizations
PSYCH 484 GS(3) Work Attitudes and Motivation
PSYCH 485 GS(3) Leadership in Work Settings
SOC 001 GS(3) Introductory Sociology

CMPSC 102(4) Introduction to Visual Programming
CMPSC 109(3) Introduction to Data Processing with COBOL
CMPSC 121(3) Introduction to Programming Techniques
CMPSC 122(3) Intermediate Programming
CMPSC 203 GQ(4) Introduction to Spreadsheets and Databases
CMPSC 296(1-18) Independent Studies
CMPSC 297(1-9) Special Topics
CMPSC 302(3) Intermediate Visual Programming
CMPSC 312(3) Computer Organization and Architecture
CMPSC 335(3) Fundamentals of Communication Networks
CMPSC 397(1-9) Special Topics
CMPSC 451(3) Numerical Computations
CMPSC 455(3) Introduction to Numerical Analysis I
CMPSC 458(3) Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
CMPSC 459(3) Scientific Visualization
CMPSC 461(3) Programming Language Concepts
CMPSC 465(3) Data Structures and Algorithms
CMPSC 474(3) Operating System & Systems Programming
CMPSC 496(1-18) Independent Studies
CMPSC 497(1-9) Special Topics
IE 405(3) Deterministic Models in Operations Research
IE 425(3) Stochastic Models in Operations Research
IET 101(3) Manufacturing Materials, Processes, and Laboratory
IET 109(3) Inspection and Quality Control
IET 215(2) Production Design
IET 216(2) Production Design Laboratory
MATH 111 GQ(2) Techniques of Calculus II
MATH 141 GQ(4) Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
MATH 211(4) Intermediate Calculus and Differential Equations with Applications
MATH 220 GQ(2) Matrices
MATH 230(4) Calculus and Vector Analysis
MATH 231(2) Calculus of Several Variables
MATH 250(3) Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 251 (4) Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
MATH 414(3) Introduction to Probability Theory
MATH 415(3) Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
MATH 416(3) Stochastic Modeling
MATH 441(3) Matrix Algebra
MATH 482(3) Mathematical Methods of Operations Research
QC 450(3) Quality Control and Quality Improvement
STAT 401(3) Experimental Methods
STAT 414(3) Introduction to Probability Theory
STAT 415(3) Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
STAT 416((3) Stochastic Modeling
STAT 460(3) Intermediate Applied Statistics
STAT 461(3) Analysis of Variance
STAT 462(3) Applied Regression Analysis
STAT 464(3) Applied Nonparametric Statistics
STAT 480(1) Introduction to SAS

CAS 100 GWS (3) Effective Speech
CAS 212(3) Professional Public Speaking
CAS 250(3) Small Group Communication
CAS 252(3) Business and Professional Communication
CAS 283(3) Communication and Information Technology I
CAS 340(3) Communication and Civility
CAS 352(3) Organizational Communication
CAS 360(3) Communication for Teachers
CAS 375(3) Rhetoric and Public Controversy
CAS 403(3) Interpersonal Communication Theory and Research
CAS 404(3) Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
CAS 411(3) Rhetorical Criticism
CAS 415(3) Rhetoric of Film and Television
CAS 422 US(3) (AF AM 422) Contemporary African American Communication
CAS 426W(3) Communication Ethics
CAS 450W(3) Group Communication Theory and Research
CAS 452(3) Organizational Communication Theory and Research
CAS 471 US;IL(3) Intercultural Communication Theory and Research
CAS 475(3) Studies in Public Address
COMM 260W(3) News Writing and Reporting
COMM 315(3) Applications for Media Writing
COMM 320(3) Introduction to Advertising
COMM 360(3) Radio Reporting
COMM 363(3) Desktop Publishing
COMM 370(3) Public Relations
COMM 406(3) Electronic News Gathering and Editing
COMM 410 IL(3) International Mass Communications
COMM 419 US;IL(3) World Media Systems
COMM 421W(3) Advertising Creative Strategies
COMM 422(3) Advertising Media Planning
COMM 424(3) Advertising Campaigns
COMM 460W(3) Reporting Methods
COMM 471(3) Public Relations Media and Methods
COMM 473(3) Public Relations Campaigns
ENGL 050 GA(3) Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 182A GH;US;IL(3) Literature and Empire
ENGL 212(3) Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENGL 262 GH(3) Reading Fiction
ENGL 263 GH(3)Reading Poetry
ENGL 419(3) Advanced Business Writing
ENGL 420(3) Writing for the Web
ENGL 422(3) Fiction Workshop
HIST 406(3) Research in Medieval Sources
HIST 444W(3) The United States in Civil War and Reconstruction--1850-1877
PHIL 012 GQ(3) Symbolic Logic
PHIL 103 GH(3) Introduction to Ethics
PL SC 001 GS(3) Introduction to American National Government
PL SC 002(3) American Public Policy
PSYCH 100 GS(3) Introductory Psychology
RL ST 001 GH;US;IL(3) Introduction to World Religions
RL ST 004 GH;US;IL(3) Jewish and Christian Foundations
RL ST 107 GH;US;IL(3) Introduction to Islam

CMPEN 271(3) Introduction to Digital Systems
CMPEN 275(1) Digital Design Laboratory
CMPET 005(1) Engineering Methods in Engineering Technology
CMPET 117(3) Digital Electronics
CMPET 120(1) Digital Electronics Laboratory
CMPET 211(3) Embedded Processors and DSP
EDSGN 100S(3) Introduction to Engineering Design
E E 210(4) Circuits and Devices
E E 211(3) Electrical Circuits and Power Distribution
E T 002(1) Engineering Technology Orientation
EET 100(3) Electric Circuits, Power, and Electronics
EET 101(3) Electrical Circuits I
EET 109(1) Electrical Circuits Laboratory I
EET 114(4) Electrical Circuits II
EET 118(1) Electrical Circuits Laboratory
EET 205(1)/EET 205(2) Semiconductor Laboratory/ Semiconductor Laboratory
EET 213W(5) Fundamentals of Electrical Machines Using Writing Skills
EET 216(3) Linear Electronic Circuits
EET 221(1) Linear Electronics Laboratory
EET 275(3) Introduction to Programmable Logic Controls
EG T 101(1) Technical Drawing Fundamentals
EG T 102(1) Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting
EG T 120(3) Introduction to Graphics and Solid Modeling
EG T 121(3) Applied Solid Modeling
E MCH 211(3) Statics
E MCH 212(3) Dynamics
E MCH 213(3) Strength of Materials
IE T 101(3) Manufacturing Materials, Processes, and Laboratory
IE T 215(2) Production Design
IE T 216(2) Production Design Laboratory      

MCH T 111(3) Mechanics for Technology: Statics
MCH T 213(3) Strength and Properties of Materials
MCH T 214(1) Strength and Properties of Materials Laboratory
MET 107(3) Computer Applications for Technologists
MET 206(3) Dynamics
MET 210W(3) Machine Design
PHYS 211 GN(4) General Physics: Mechanics
PHYS 212 GN(4) General Physics: Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 213 GN(2) General Physics: Fluids and Thermal Physics
PHYS 214 GN(2) General Physics: Wave Motion and Quantum Physics
PHYS 250 GN(4) Introductory Physics I
PL ET 050(3) Computer Applications for Plastics Engineering Technology
PL ET 205(3) Introduction to Plastics
PL ET 206W(3) Plastic Materials and Properties

1. Education Abroad coursework in business areas must be applied to Prescribed, Additional, or Supporting Course Requirements in business. Non-business courses taken abroad may be applied to Nonbusiness Supporting Course Requirements.

2. Students who place into French, German, or Spanish 002 or 003 on the basis of previous language study in high school may substitute credits of international studies coursework or other non-business supporting courses in consultation with an adviser. Rev. –8/1/17

Note for non-business and business minors

It is relatively easy to earn a minor through proper selection of Additional and Supporting courses. Other non-business courses may be approved by faculty advisers.